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  2. HIDG.SE 2X Vanilla+ January Wipe News Improved custom map generation to allow best monuments with traintracks and roads on a smaller map size. Changed default map size to 3200 Resolved issue with wrong/negative last & next wipe date being displayed in server name and in-game Check out the FP devblog & Twitch drops soon! https://rust.facepunch.com/news/surviving-10-years
  3. NEW SERVER ANNOUNCEMENT: 3X BI-WEEKLY WILL BE TRANSFORMED INTO A NEW MODDED CONCEPT: HIDG WARLORDS We will be transforming our 3X Bi-Weekly server into a new concept we call WARLORDS. The 3X server will be discontinued from its current state in effect immediately on force wipe. Content and details will be revealed soon.
  4. Servers are now wiped, Santa is packing up and clearing out the bodies, we hope you enjoyed the Holiday Season. In this blog, we recap 2022 and reveal some upcoming changes.Read the full article
  5. Seasons beatings! It's that wonderful time of the year again. The Xmas event is now enabled, new cosmetic DLC, gingerbread houses? And Rustmas base decorating competition!Read the full article
  6. The big quality of life update, over 90 improvements and fixes. Rust is turning 9 years old, and Christmas is coming! Read the full article
  7. Twitch Drops, IRL storage box, cRust, PAX Cosplay, Rust's upcoming Birthday, and more!Read the full article
  8. This month we bring you a new pistol, caboose, blackjack, and Twitch drops, along with more fixes and improvements. Read the full article
  9. Charity Events, Low Poly Rust, Rivals Wars, real life workbench and more! Read the full article
  10. A darkness is falling upon Rust, monsters are awakening, portals are opening, and skulls are breaking. Enter if you dare.Read the full article
  11. New Lumberjack pack, furnace UI, server browser improvements, hardcore mode development and more!Read the full article
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