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  3. Rust RP, Rustpunk 2077, Map Tools, and ...fish?Read the full article
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  5. Santa is packing up and clearing out the bodies, we hope you enjoyed the Holiday Season. We're getting back to work after a couple of weeks off which is why this is a light blog and we are looking forward to the journey ahead in 2021!Read the full article
  6. It's the most wonderful time of the year!Read the full article
  7. This month we have added the tech tree which will give you the choice of how you unlock your blueprints, this has also led to a huge update on item crafting recipes, tiers and the loot you will find in airdrops and heli/bradley crates.Read the full article
  8. Twitch drops, Split rad, Elevator action, raves & more!Read the full article
  9. A dark force is lurking at the Dome... a great slaughter awaits.... ``Will you defeat me?´´
  10. Twitch Drops have been enabled for all Rust Streamers! There are 3 exclusive items to be earned so what are you waiting for?Read the full article
  11. WHEN? Submissions are open from Sunday 8th November to Monday 9th November 23:59 CET / UTC+1 Winner picked on Tuesday 10th November WHAT DO I DO? RULES Max 1 submission per player. No offensive/toxic/racist content. Your submission will be approved manually by Staff before it is accepted. Upload your finished painting to the gallery here. UPLOAD MY ENTRY
  12. HIDG.SE 2X PERFECT Vanilla+ Monthly has now FULLY WIPED
  13. This month's update brings horse stables to purchase your trusty steeds, a new telephone system you can add to your base or find public phones along the roads and at monuments, a Taxi module for vehicles along with changes to vehicle costs, crafting and balancing along with the usual improvements and fixes and a moustache ??Read the full article
  14. This update brings an elevator for easy travel between floors of your base, A real life Rust chair that gives you an exclusive in game chair too, The Spacesuit skin for the Hazmat outfit, changes to roads and added trails as well as the usual balancing and optimisationsRead the full article
  15. New merch launch, demons, puppets, and insanity!Read the full article
  16. This month's update brings fishing villages to purchase boats including the new kayak blueprint, a storage monitor for use with the Rust+ app, some changes to electrified items and other improvements and optimisations.Read the full article
  17. Charity hype, Rust on Mars, Lighthouse recreations, and more!Read the full article
  18. We've added a mixing table to create teas which provide time limited boosts as well as other items to craft, conditional roof tiles, a wooden barricade and an armoured passenger module for the vehicles along with various other fixes and improvements.Read the full article
  19. DigitalDiceHater

    Poolparty 2020.jpg

    That was some pool party!
  20. Trust in Rust Charity, Pool Parties, Car Races, and more!Read the full article
  21. Relax by the pool and let your loot worries drift away with our new Summer themed DLCRead the full article
  22. The modular vehicles are here along with changes to how you obtain air transport and other optimizations and improvements!Read the full article
  23. Rust+, upcoming vehicles, gun tutorials, & more!Read the full article
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