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  2. This update brings a whole revamp to the farming system along with new items to help you keep your crops in perfect condition as well as other improvements and fixes.Read the full article
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  4. Are you sitting at home playing Rust and roofcamping newbs, perfectly avoiding social contact? You're doing awesome to help decrease the spread in your local vicinity! But we can do more to help the people and countries that face great challenges against the virus such as Italy and France. This is why we have now made a limited store item, the Mass Drop: F*CK COVID-19 which will drop to ALL ONLINE PLAYERS 2x Surgeon Scrubs 4x Medical Syringes 3x Silver Eggs Mass Drop: F*CK COVID-19 (Limited) 7.00 EUR 10.00 EUR For every purchase we're donating $3.00 USD to the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund!
  5. Fight COVID-19 together, for every purchase we're donating $3.00 USD to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, this item is a MASS DROP which gift all online players a set of items.

    Spawned to all online player inventories

    Surgeon Scrubs2x Surgeon Scrubs

    Medical Syringe4x Medical Syringes

    Silver Egg3x Silver Eggs

    The Silver Egg is a Gift item which randomly drops any of these items:

    Item Category
    Stones×2,500 Stones Resources
    Bunny Onesie Bunny Onesie Attire
    Chainsaw Chainsaw Tool
    Low Grade Fuel×20-40 Low Grade Fuel Resources
    Jackhammer Jackhammer Tool
    Double Barrel Shotgun Double Barrel Shotgun Weapon
    12 Gauge Buckshot×12 12 Gauge Buckshot Ammunition
    Pump Shotgun Pump Shotgun Weapon
    Revolver Revolver Weapon
    Pistol Bullet×20 Pistol Bullet Ammunition



    30.00 EUR

  6. This update brings CCTV Cameras and Computer Stations for all your surveillance needs as well as various optimizations and improvements.Read the full article
  7. Hazzy artwork, solo plays, and vending machines with attitudes.Read the full article
  8. Place any gun in your turret to defend your base, A new ring road around the island to lead you to your favourite monument, Steam Rich Presence on your friends list and life stats added to the death screen as well as various other optimizations and improvements.Read the full article
  9. Dioramas, databases, and ...The End?Read the full article
  10. To celebrate the start of the Lunar New Year (not that we like moonlight in Rust), we made some stuff!Read the full article
  11. You've made an excellent self introduction @Sleepy. I wouldn't post so far fetched dreams at my first go, but each to their own! Enforcing sever rules is not bullying, it's to save you from your evil self (that might get you banned).
  12. i can vote for this guy, he would make great admin
  13. Im tired of ninja bully me all the time and he always makes his bots to bully me so guys please lets vote and make me a admin so bully ninj cant bully me anymore and instead i can bully him
  14. Updated for January 2020 Wipe, minor clarifications.
  15. Disabled first day of wipe.
    Original price will revert back 3 days after wipe day.

    Support our server, gift all online players a set of christmas gifts and start the christmas event!

    Spawned to all online player inventories

    Large Present6x Large Presents

    SUPER Stocking3x SUPER stockings


    • Global Christmas Event starts a random spawn of lootable presents nearby all online players.

    30.00 EUR

  16. The most wonderful time of the year!Read the full article
  17. Available on HIDG.SE Rust 2X Vanilla+ server only.


    Broadcast your very own customizable message to the Global server chat for a limited time (7 days)
    Perfect for shops, events or just for fun!


    • The message may be edited at maximum, one time (1), after purchased.
    • The message must comply with server rules and be clean from offensive content.
    • If the message has no applicable purpose after a certain event or set time, it may be removed to avoid confusion.




    2.00 EUR

  18. This month we introduce the Rust Instruments DLC as well as the usual optimizations and improvements and yes, you do have legs!Read the full article
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