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December Server Update 2018

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Hey guys!

Preceding the december forced wipe I've focused heavily on improving the server core features as well as heavily tuning the server for maximum performance. Now that we have landed a great and reliable host things can only get better.

General Changes & Fixes

  • Map Size lowered from 3500 to 3200
  • Max Population stays at 200 but may be adjusted lower later
  • Muted players can no longer bypass mute through PM
  • Voice Mute was not available on timer, it now is
  • Improved live moderation systems and logging
  • Performance issue with server saves fixed
  • Backend network performance issue fixed
  • Removed killfeed mod





  • Added Skinbox for new Member tier (Member Plus)
  • Added Quick Upgrade for new Member tier (Member Plus)
  • Added Priority Player for new Member tier (Member Plus)
  • Added support for colored names for new Member tier (Member Plus)


NEW! Ticketing system

One of our main objectives is to have great and quick support from the Staff team.
This will greatly optimized by an automatic ticket system that reports into our Staff discord immediately. 
Please do use it for reports of any kind!




That's about all of the highlights for this update,

See you in-game!

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