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Community & Server Update Fall 2019

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Here's the full summary of updates we've introduced to our community & servers during the fall of 2019!


:rust::hidemblem:RUST HIDG.SE 2X Vanilla+ Wipe News

:anibanned: Server sided anti-cheat reviewed

Last wipe we caught 12 ESP:ers, 4 aimhack/recoil cheaters, 7 scripters and 2 multihack/other.
This could only be possible by the great reports you send and our diligent monitoring systems.


:military_medal:Player Ranking System updates

  • Added ranking criteria Resources gathered by popular demand 
  • Players who do not log on for 5 consecutive days will now be wiped from the ranks database. Previously there was no limit.


Map Seed picked by the community!


Ticket system is now more user-friendly and integrated with F7 reports


:new: /report command to make reports faster and more accurate Use it for griefing: (/report grief) and cheating: (/report cheat) reports.

:new: F7 Reports integration. Your reports to FP will also open a ticket with us and we will do our best to assist. 
Primarily this will be a source of data for Staff to see report frequency.


:shopping_bags:Rewardshop Updates

  • Added Medium Battery
  • Added Large Battery
  • Added Coffin

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