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Rust Server Updates (June 2018)

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Change Server Name: EU/SWE | HIDG.SE | 2X Vanilla+ | MonthlyWipes | NoobFriendly | LowDecay | ActiveAdmins | NO P2W!
We want to clarify the wipe schedule as it is often asked about and there is a larger portion of the community that decide on what server to play on depending on the wipe schedule.

Change Map Size changed from 4000 to 3500. It is largely a test for this wipe as we've had 4000 as standard until now, if it works good we'll keep it.
Change New map seed as always, this time we've handpicked one that allows for some more island-esque terrain and better spread of monuments to compliment the smaller map size.


Change Inventory stacks is now also 2X.
Change Quarries is now also 2X.
Change Increased upkeep to balance the 2X stacks.
We will keep investigating the upkeep to keep players from building way too big bases.

Problem: RemovalTool could be abused in raids where opponents would take over your base TC and seal it and then using /remove to get out.
Solution: Raid Block was implemented which gives you a cooldown for all mods for up to 90 seconds depending on the PvP scenario. There is already an inbuilt cooldown with the RemovalTool that will prevent it from being used abusively.

Addition Better Discord integration
The Discord Bot will now post a notification when server is back online after any restart. We have also enabled experimental 2-way chat from Discord to the server for the staff to be able to chat with players on the server. Death/kill events is now also posted.



Improvement Automated Nightly server restart that performs a cleanup job of excessive entities and memory wasting processes

With every wipe that comes with a large content update and graphical tweaks we find some reports of bumps in performance players. I've investigated the causes for most of them and mostly it boils down to clientside FPS drops or delayed frames. You might be especially affected if you are on the latest Windows update too. It's unlikely for the lag to be serversided since all reports I've got are from a few players at very different times. But as always, we want to look into every single indication of bad performance to keep things running smoothly for you guys. So keep up the good work informing me with details about any of your problems ?



Increased stability and finally set up a reliable automated server backup system. From now on there will be a full server backup every 30 minutes to a remote location. It is very unlikely that we will need it as outages are very rare. But when the bad luck strikes we can now rest assured there will be a backup we can recover from that will only set you back at most 30 minutes of gameplay.

Thanks to...

@Sgt Potato, @l|l Glitcher l|l, @Loffe for submitting opinions and feedback that have helped us improve the server.


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