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FREE RAFFLE: Membership Benefits - Enter for a chance to win!

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Hey everyone,

Once in a while we want to give the community something back. Today is the time for one of those times!

While we still of course need continuous support from donations to keep things running... Sometimes we think of those you who really want to have Member Benefits but for any reason couldn't get it, didn't feel like donating or just plainly haven't thought about it so much.


In exchange for showing yourself in our forums and writing something about yourself and share some of your thoughts..
Here is a chance for you who want to try the luck and get Member Benefits for free!



Raffle entry is possible from 2018-08-08 to 2018-08-19 Winner will be picked on the 19th of August before 23:59


If i already have Member Benefits, can I enter?
Yes! If you win, you will get a free extended period of 30 days.

Requirements to enter

  1. You are a registered member of our community
  2. Post an introduction of yourself in Member Introduction forum.
  3. Post at least 2 new topics in the forums.
  4. Post at least 2 replies to any current topics.

Low effort posts & spam does not count and will be deleted!

If you do not fulfill these requirements but still enter the raffle you will not be able to claim your prize.

When you have done all those four steps, go into the Raffle here and click Enter Raffle.


How the winner is selected

The winner is selected by complete RNG (random number generation), it is pure luck!
Remember to fulfill the requirements to be able to claim the prize upon winning.


Good luck!


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