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    Hello community, It's been a while since I've posted an update here, been a busy month! However now it's time to let you guys in on where we are and what's going on with our server and community. Steadily we're building a larger Staff team, and it should soon show result. New Staff members on trial! Default Welcome Default who will be joining us from today starting as a trial moderator. He has an extensive background with running servers, communites as well as developing plugins. I'm sure he will be a great fit to our team and contribute with his experience. XioNaYa* Welcome XioNaYa* who will be joining us from today starting as a trial chat moderator. He's been a long time loyal player for several wipes and know very well how we run things and has shown interest to help out with keeping the chat moderated. Server crashing Due to the somewhat instable update it seems that some servers experience sudden crashing. This happened to us today 2019-02-12 around 11:04 CET. It led to a restart with a slight rollback. Affected players have been refunded and taken care of. The Facepunch team has now also released fixes for this as can be seen in these tweets. Happening since January wipe Map Size back to 3500 from 3200 due to popular demand Max Population stays at 200 @Samsie & @The Locksmith resigned from Chat Moderation. @arichi formally resigns from Rust Moderation and will be a backup Discord moderator (Global Moderator), since he is no longer actively playing Rust. Big thanks to all of them for their great effort in helping out. We let the community vote:And have revised our rules, it is now more vanilla - you can wall in quarries as much as you like to. However, monuments will still be disallowed (for obvious reasons). Discord Rust category now features an extensive Frequently Asked Questions channel to keep new and illiterate, uh needing players of our community That's all for this months update! See you in-game
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    I'm new in rust, but i have exp from other survival games, I play it mostly because the danger of loosing everything,it's cool to feel your fear
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    Sea Blue Hotel 6.0 now live! 😄
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    I like playing rust, i've been playing casually from begining when Rust se life. I am 53 yers.
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    Hi! Well i guess i am first! I like playing rust, i've been playing casually for a year now. And will continue playing casually because of how my other routines looks like. Hope to see ya guys ingame, holla when u see me!
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    Presidential Suite
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    Welcome fighter.3 nice to have you here! Rust is a great place to practice your ability to not give up. Get back up and get revenge 🙂
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    Hey, The idea with the "Members Introduction" category is to let everyone to break the ice, get to know eachother a bit. It doesn't have to be very personal. Just type something about you, your interest or what makes your gears grind. It doesn't have to be very long. Just a couple of sentences. Tell us how you got your in-game nick. Boring stories are allowed I dare you to go out there and break the ice, write it until you feel like...
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    Welcome to our community Razz! That's quite a respectable age to be out raiding :D See you around