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    Join our Staff team! We're now looking for Moderators for Rust! It's about time for us to consider opening up for another member in the Staff team. Me and @arichi have barely been able to keep up the past wipes. There's been a lot to do, as well as griefing to take care of. This wipe is the first time we've needed to go as far as to IP ban 2 players permanently. Good work I'd say, but I'm sure we've missed some things, and that is not how we want it. How am I as a player affected by this? We make sure our servers are staffed so that rules are enforced and the well being on our Rust servers are kept high quality. If anything, this should increase the good experience for the players on our servers. Do staff members get compensated/paid? No, not yet at least. A moderator position is purely voluntary, you do not get any compensation as of now. Later down the road we may start with some compensation if you do a really good job. This is also highly depending on how much support the servers get by donations. Servers have expensive bills and covering them is the main priority. How onboarding of a new Moderator is done We care a lot about quality and we will make sure any new staff members will understand our standard. We've outlinted a process that will allow for the responsibility to be given at a managed rate. Week 0: You get selected by us to start a trial position. Week 1-2: You work as a Trial Chat Moderator Week 3: You get promoted to Chat Moderator / Or you can get rejected. You may stay as Chat Moderator for as long as you want. Week 4: You can start as Trial Moderator Week 6: You get promoted to Moderator / Or need to stay longer on trial until experienced enough General Requirements Good communication skills, written or spoken Got lots of time to spare to go into Rust Mature and capable of taking responsibilities seriously Able to take criticism and feedback from the rest of the team Preferably experienced with Moderator duties from before Apply for Moderator Have any questions? Feel free to reply, PM/DM me here on the site or Discord.
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