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    Hi! Well i guess i am first! I like playing rust, i've been playing casually for a year now. And will continue playing casually because of how my other routines looks like. Hope to see ya guys ingame, holla when u see me!
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    Welcome to the Hackers in Disguise community website - HIDG.SE! Hey! I'm glad you've found your way here to our brand new community website. Today I'm very pleased to announce the go live of our website. Until now Discord have been our main communication platform but it has been far too easy to lose track of things in the text channels message history and it would be completely oversatured with read-only "info" channels if I were to post things there that actually belongs to a website. So here it is my friends... Website + Discord This will from now on be the main point of communication, membership directory and information. Of course we will tightly integrate as many parts as possible with our Discord server. We will let real-time chat activity stay in Discord where it really belongs and have this site as a platform for everything else. Rough around the edges With that said and all, please let me know if you encounter any issues with the site. It will without a doubt be rough around the edges in some places. Hit me up wherever you like either it be Discord, Private Messaging, or a reply to this topic... shoot! NEW! Website Store: Rust Membership Benefits With the launch of this website we're not leaving any opportunities behind! Today we will also launch the store together with membership benefits for the most dedicated players on our Rust server. We've beta tested several mods such as the famous RemoverTool and many more to be included into a sweet package of benefits. It is now available in the store for everyone! The ordinary price for Registered Members in our community will be 2.50€ Guests start at 4.00€, so go ahead and register to grab that 50% Discount! Announcing new Moderators Please welcome @arichi as an addition to the staff team. He's a longtime loyal player on our Rust server who will now officially take on moderation duties to enforce our server rules. So what are you waiting for? Join our community now! You can register super quick using Discord, Google, Microsoft or Facebook accounts
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    Im tired of ninja bully me all the time and he always makes his bots to bully me so guys please lets vote and make me a admin so bully ninj cant bully me anymore and instead i can bully him
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    Join our Staff team! We're now looking for Moderators for Rust! It's about time for us to consider opening up for another member in the Staff team. Me and @arichi have barely been able to keep up the past wipes. There's been a lot to do, as well as griefing to take care of. This wipe is the first time we've needed to go as far as to IP ban 2 players permanently. Good work I'd say, but I'm sure we've missed some things, and that is not how we want it. How am I as a player affected by this? We make sure our servers are staffed so that rules are enforced and the well being on our Rust servers are kept high quality. If anything, this should increase the good experience for the players on our servers. Do staff members get compensated/paid? No, not yet at least. A moderator position is purely voluntary, you do not get any compensation as of now. Later down the road we may start with some compensation if you do a really good job. This is also highly depending on how much support the servers get by donations. Servers have expensive bills and covering them is the main priority. How onboarding of a new Moderator is done We care a lot about quality and we will make sure any new staff members will understand our standard. We've outlinted a process that will allow for the responsibility to be given at a managed rate. Week 0: You get selected by us to start a trial position. Week 1-2: You work as a Trial Chat Moderator Week 3: You get promoted to Chat Moderator / Or you can get rejected. You may stay as Chat Moderator for as long as you want. Week 4: You can start as Trial Moderator Week 6: You get promoted to Moderator / Or need to stay longer on trial until experienced enough General Requirements Good communication skills, written or spoken Got lots of time to spare to go into Rust Mature and capable of taking responsibilities seriously Able to take criticism and feedback from the rest of the team Preferably experienced with Moderator duties from before Apply for Moderator Have any questions? Feel free to reply, PM/DM me here on the site or Discord.
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    I like playing rust, i've been playing casually from begining when Rust se life. I am 53 yers.
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    Hello. Im Foxxiiee im a lady from sweden. love gaming. and will never quit gaming :) i play all kind of games.
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    Name is Simon, 28 years old, from Denmark moderator here. I love my parrots and my wife, ive been a gamer my whole life, my passion goes to make people's day better, irl and ingame. Daily i do HF thats a study you can take in Denmark, takes 2 years. I do it from home too, so i got no time wasting on transport etc so that's great. - Cheers
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    Are you taking bookings in advance? :D
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    Cheap beds but good music and entertainment lol xD
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    Lovely looking hotel you've got there! Need to see it with my own eyes in-game :) Thanks for posting
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    The forced wipe is for all servers by Facepunch Team due to the monthly Rust client & server update. We don't know the exact time for the wipe as it is depending on when the FP Devs are done, it can be anything from early morning to almost midnight. What is wiped? Everything! Map wipe Blueprint wipe New map seed
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    Hi, I'm Default. I code, and make servers for fun. I enjoy helping out with communities wherever I can, and just having fun overall. I have been playing Rust ~3 years, and have enjoyed every second of it. I got my name because I couldn't think of what to call myself, so I just chose "Default" and it's stuck with me for the past ~4 years. If you've got any questions about me, just ask!
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    Hello community, It's been a while since I've posted an update here, been a busy month! However now it's time to let you guys in on where we are and what's going on with our server and community. Steadily we're building a larger Staff team, and it should soon show result. New Staff members on trial! Default Welcome Default who will be joining us from today starting as a trial moderator. He has an extensive background with running servers, communites as well as developing plugins. I'm sure he will be a great fit to our team and contribute with his experience. XioNaYa* Welcome XioNaYa* who will be joining us from today starting as a trial chat moderator. He's been a long time loyal player for several wipes and know very well how we run things and has shown interest to help out with keeping the chat moderated. Server crashing Due to the somewhat instable update it seems that some servers experience sudden crashing. This happened to us today 2019-02-12 around 11:04 CET. It led to a restart with a slight rollback. Affected players have been refunded and taken care of. The Facepunch team has now also released fixes for this as can be seen in these tweets. Happening since January wipe Map Size back to 3500 from 3200 due to popular demand Max Population stays at 200 @Samsie & @The Locksmith resigned from Chat Moderation. @arichi formally resigns from Rust Moderation and will be a backup Discord moderator (Global Moderator), since he is no longer actively playing Rust. Big thanks to all of them for their great effort in helping out. We let the community vote:And have revised our rules, it is now more vanilla - you can wall in quarries as much as you like to. However, monuments will still be disallowed (for obvious reasons). Discord Rust category now features an extensive Frequently Asked Questions channel to keep new and illiterate, uh needing players of our community That's all for this months update! See you in-game
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    I'm new in rust, but i have exp from other survival games, I play it mostly because the danger of loosing everything,it's cool to feel your fear
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    Sea Blue Hotel 6.0 now live! ?
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    Charitable Rust, art, base tours, maps, and more. Read the full article
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    Hello everybody! I'm MrGlad and I'm from Sweden. Got wife and kids and the little time I get over I try to use for gaming. New to Rust. Not used to this wipe every month but so far I like what I see! Ingame nick: MrGlad8. I enjoy the server so far. I tried the official servers but the community there was too terrible. I will take it slow this first run, trying to learn everything but you might see me here and there ? Playing with 2 other friends!
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    Hello MrGlad! Welcome to our community and our Rust server. I'm sure you will enjoy it here, if there is anything that doesn't work out for you feel free to reach out! We take care of our people here :) Enjoy your stay!
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    Woah! Love the place you found this time. Awesome design as always :D Hope its not so much trouble with your guests this wipe like the last one hehe
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    Sea Blue Hotel 5.0 now live! ?
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    Presidential suite 150 scraps/24h
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    Sea Blue Hotel 4.0 now live! ?
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    Welcome to our community Razz! That's quite a respectable age to be out raiding :D See you around
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    Yeah we do! :D we're on a break from the game right now but we will be back up with Hotel 4.0 as soon as possible :)
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    Cool! you doing this every wipe?
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    Of course the hard working Hotel directors need vacation from time to time don't they? ? I heard you were going to play the new World of Warcraft expansion. Have all the luck for your raids in there ? Welcome back anytime!
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    Presidential Suite
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    Great initiative Brunaiki with this topic! It's really nice to see effort being taken for feedback. I'll adress some points immediately. HQM should be 2x as far as I know, will need to check this if there is a bug. Resources from quarries are 2x since last wipe.. Let me know if you get less Not sure about how we will go about this. Changing medical item stacks can affect PVP balancing and prolong fights. So far we've left this unchanged not to stray too far away from vanilla PVP. This is probably a good idea. We actually disabled the killfeed at one point when there was 100+ players on. I'll look into the colors. It should be high res, at least it is for me. Could you post a screenshot perhaps? Might be a client-sided issue. I've noticed it can be blurry if you set graphics to low.
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    Let me start off by saying that i really enjoyed playing on the server so far and I am considering making it my go to place if i want to play some nice rust. I know that you are always working on improving the game experience and I would really like to see the server gaining more popularity. Therefore I thought it would be a nice Idea to start a thread which gives you guys feedback about the player experience. This post is meant for everyone that has something to add or a suggestion to make the server a better place. Enough said, I will start with the things I think the server could use without modding it too much: - Ores are giving x2 on everything except high quality (is that intentional? i would really like to have that changed tbh as sulfur is x2 as well already) - Crafting time should be reduced as well at to at least 50% (maybe even more for resources like low grade fuel) - this can get really annoying as there are times while playing on vanilla where youre just sitting in the base afk non stop crafting waiting for things to finish and not enjoying the game at all (if you have x2 the resources to craft but the same time to wait that makes it double the wait time whihc means regularly 10-30min afk time if youre just making some regular stuff) - I havent placed a quarry yet but I can imagine the mining speed is at x1? please up that to x2 as well as it needs to keep up compared to minig ores. a quarrys speed + mining outcome = resources gained. if speed is x1 and mining outcome x2 = resources gained = x1,5 which doesnt fit the server imo :) - animal loot is really nice on this server as you can finally find some on the map compared to pretty much every other server lol... however when farming them i realized that you pretty much get all materials at like 15 hits and then need another 15 hits to fully gather everything (the last few hits only give 1-3 resources each though which makes me think about just leaving them lying around there - which would delay animal spawn again i think. is there a way to fix that so you dont need another 15 hits for 7 bone frags, 7 meat, 7 fat, 3 cloth and 4 leather for example? - what about a faster recycler? pretty much the same problem as with the quarry and crafting, you get x2 the resources but have to wait the same amount at the recyler which effectively doubles the time youre waiting for things to finish and are afk. i dont say edit it so every tik of the recycler means 1 stack of mats is being recycled but what about twice the speed for twice the materials? - Something that you already fixed since yesterdays wipe is the amount to which bandages stack which is reall awesome! i havent checked that yet but are syringes stacking to more than 2? i would really like to see a stack of 4 or 5 for them to make things easier in your hotbar and so they dont spam your inventory :) (meat is stacking to 20 as well lol...) - next im not sure about but are component stack sizes increased as well= because they are only stacking for me up to 20 which is like on vanilla if im not mistaken? could you increase that as well maybe? boxes are filled pretty fast that way - Just a need little plugin at the end which i really enjoy is meat cant be burned in campfires or bbqs :) its not really needed but its always annoying to keep checking the meat.. i mean furnaces dont overcook frags or sulfur either ? - lastly: i really like your killfeed with the little jokes in it but i find it kind of spammy at times. how about changing the color from light blue at least so its not always looking like someone is chatting. same for the player on the server, heli, airdrop and rads display. its really handy to have that but it looks really pixelated compared to everything else imo. i saw the same thing on other servers with a higher resolution :) would that be possible? And a question at the end: I saw you are working around with the decay of bases. what is the level of decay at the moment? that was a lot of text sry for that but i felt like sharing my opinion :) Like i said I really enjoy playing on the server those are just some thing I think can be fixed easily to make the whole package more fitting :) cheers, brunaiki
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    Hey there, I suppose I have to make a good example and write an introduction myself (now that @arichi beat me to it). I am the Founder of this community, as you might have already gussed.Founded it in 2013 with a good friend. Originated as a swedish 5 man CS:GO team and later developed into a serious group-of-friends type of community that hosted several CS:GO teams. The name Hackers in Disguise originates from us being called out as hackers in PUGs (when we obviously weren't, because we couldn't qualify for shit), until we just ended up calling ourselves Hackers and I added "in Disguise" to make it less generic. Eventually the Swedish e-sport scene in CS:GO went down and so did we. I disbanded the team early 2017 and the community went inactive until early 2018. Well that's enough storytime! Been a longtime server owner and admin in more games than I can count for over 10 years. Always liked community stuff and bringing good players together. To serve the greater good we can erase toxicity online and make a nice place for the people who care about sportmanship. IRL Working fulltime in the IT field, need to earn those stacks that pay a lot of nice things we have here.. including server bills ? I guess you can AMA if there is anything you'd like to know.
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    yea i could probably help with that haha ?
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    Maybe yeah, but you are so welcome to play some song for us any time you like ? We need more "Make love not war" around here ?
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    Do you make a moderator room? if so, what would it cost? - since it me, it should be free. but i can pay with songs aswell new songs everyday!
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    Poor people ? I guess it is worth the sacrifice to keep your facilities secure ?
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    Yeah sure, i mean. It's good to come prepared then as a new-spawn that have none and no nothing ? most people run into the hotel and ask the price then go out and get killed when scavenging ?
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    Good to hear business is doing just fine! I just noticed there is a freaking llama on a painting in one of the rooms.. ?
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    Hey! Here is a short update on some more convenience (who doesn't want more convenience ?). You can now Sign in with Steam! If you are already a registered you can link your Steam account to your profile here to sync your Avatar and Steam Display name if you want to. That's all, enjoy it!
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    Cool updates to the rooms, and nice picture of me and arichi ? What happens if the player won't pay their rent btw?
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    Double Room! 75 scraps/24h
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    Yeah, it is a good idea. However as I said in-game, since we haven't had very many cases of it the rule remains to be written. Trying to keep down the number of rules as well as gathering experience on how the rule should be written to fit the problems. We'll see when/if it gets added! For now, it is handled under the other rules to the best it can.
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    Standard Hotel Room. 50 scrap/24h It has all the basics a Rusty needs! (Puplic Workbench)
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    Add "no base abuse" -like destroying entire bases (just for the hell of it).
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    Lots of water builds and bases, mods, and more. Read the full article
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    + some shameless promotion
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    Welcome fighter.3 nice to have you here! Rust is a great place to practice your ability to not give up. Get back up and get revenge ?
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    Hey, The idea with the "Members Introduction" category is to let everyone to break the ice, get to know eachother a bit. It doesn't have to be very personal. Just type something about you, your interest or what makes your gears grind. It doesn't have to be very long. Just a couple of sentences. Tell us how you got your in-game nick. Boring stories are allowed I dare you to go out there and break the ice, write it until you feel like...
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    Me and Digital is going inactive for a while, so we wont build new Hotels. We'll let you know when we're back up again. Thanks for a great and a very busy time at the hotel and thanks Vulture and Snodizen for being such loyal hotel guests ? see ya! (I might jump in for time to time just for fun n too sai hey) ?
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