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  1. Hello community, It's been a while since I've posted an update here, been a busy month! However now it's time to let you guys in on where we are and what's going on with our server and community. Steadily we're building a larger Staff team, and it should soon show result. New Staff members on trial! Default Welcome Default who will be joining us from today starting as a trial moderator. He has an extensive background with running servers, communites as well as developing plugins. I'm sure he will be a great fit to our team and contribute with his experience. XioNaYa* Welcome XioNaYa* who will be joining us from today starting as a trial chat moderator. He's been a long time loyal player for several wipes and know very well how we run things and has shown interest to help out with keeping the chat moderated. Server crashing Due to the somewhat instable update it seems that some servers experience sudden crashing. This happened to us today 2019-02-12 around 11:04 CET. It led to a restart with a slight rollback. Affected players have been refunded and taken care of. The Facepunch team has now also released fixes for this as can be seen in these tweets. Happening since January wipe Map Size back to 3500 from 3200 due to popular demand Max Population stays at 200 @Samsie & @The Locksmith resigned from Chat Moderation. @arichi formally resigns from Rust Moderation and will be a backup Discord moderator (Global Moderator), since he is no longer actively playing Rust. Big thanks to all of them for their great effort in helping out. We let the community vote:And have revised our rules, it is now more vanilla - you can wall in quarries as much as you like to. However, monuments will still be disallowed (for obvious reasons). Discord Rust category now features an extensive Frequently Asked Questions channel to keep new and illiterate, uh needing players of our community That's all for this months update! See you in-game
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    Server Rules & Moderation Policy

    Updated rules 2019-02-07, took feedback in account in the poll we had last wipe about walling quarries. It is now allowed again.
  3. Thank you for taking your time reading this. These are the rules that are enforced on our Rust server by Administrators and Moderators. The Server Rules may be subject to change at any time. You are responsible to stay up to date with them via the in-game /info command or by reading them here. Last updated 2019-02-07 §1 - Respect other players and be friendly §1.1 - Inappropriate signage, chat or voice that qualify as largely offensive, spam or disturbing to a majority of players, or intended to harass specific player(s) is not tolerated. §2 - Raiding is for loot, not to grief! Griefing a raided base is not allowed. §2.1 - Leaving locked doors/TC on a raided base for no reason is not allowed. You can lock during the raid to move loot but they should be removed after. §2.2 - Moving loot is not an excuse to lock a base an abnormal amount of time. If you have not accessed a box within 2 hours of Staff checking, it is considered griefing. §2.3 - Capturing a base is allowed but you must properly capture it** and use it as your main base, have sleeping bags and TC filled (not decaying). If Staff makes a random check and it has not been accessed within 24 hours it may be returned to the original owner. §2.4 - Raidbases* are excluded from rules §2.1 to §2.3. *A Raidbase is a secondary base created within 300 m from somebodys main base. ** A properly captured base has your sleeping bags, filled TC (i.e. not decaying) and that you accessed the base witih 24 hours. §3 - Abusing game exploits, glitches or mods that give you an advantage over other player is not allowed. §3.1 - Using Remove Tool to wall in loot, tc or any other base entities is not allowed. §3.2 - While we are very grateful of all support by purchasing Member Benefits, it is not something that will give you special treatment. If you are caught abusing any of the benefits, it may lead to the termination of those benefits. This is also regulated with the ToS you accept when purchasing it. §3.3 - Building walls around monuments is not allowed! (Quarries are not monuments, so they are allowed) §4 - Hacking or any use of thirdparty software or modifications for your advantage over other players leads to immediate ban. §5 - Group limit is 5! Breaking the limit will lead to ban until end of wipe! Cupboards, keycodes, turrets and teams are locked to max 5 players. We have an autodetect system for players roaming more than 5! §5.1 - Exception: Public buildings such as Hotels or Shops created in a roleplay manner by friendly non-offensive groups may be operated by more than 5 players, but may never engage in any offensive PVP & raiding activity together. §6 - Ragereporting or to openly accuse players is not allowed. §6.1 - A player is innocent until proven guilty by our Staff, EAC or convincing evidence. No matter how much you think somebody may be cheating, your opinion as the victim is always considered as biased. §6.2 - Repeatedly reporting a player to Staff without providing any meaningful evidence (such as combatlogs, screen recordings etc.) to back up your claims is considered spam and will not get you anywhere. §6.3 - Openly accusing a player in chat of any cheating or any other rule violation is not allowed. It will only create false rumours and witchhunting. You should always report privately using the Report function here on the website or Direct Message @Rust Staff in Discord. §7 - Excessive arguing in public chat is not allowed. Rust is an unforgiving game due to its survival and PVP nature. It is normal to be upset once in a while. However this is not a good reason to get in toxic conflicts with other players in chat. You don't need to prove the server that you are more right than the other. If you have a problem with somebody, keep it in private chat or report it to staff. §8 - Respect Staff decisions, they work for the greater good of the server. NOT a single player's interests. §8.1 - Our Staff use their free time voluntarily to make sure rules are enforced and easy to follow. We advise you not to try to challenge the limits of the rules by attempting to edge them. §8.2 - Our Staff has a reserved right to assess a situation outside the specifications of these rules if an extraordinary situation that impact the major wellbeing of the server arises. This means if something negatively impacts the server but is not yet regulated by rules Staff can still take action against it. On the condition that it is approved by the Server Owner. Moderation Policy When a player fails to comply with any of the rules above it should be reported to the server Staff by using the /ticket command in chat. The Staff standard routine of action to handle incidents is described in the two stages below. All actions taken towards players are logged and proof will always be secured for the more severe incidents. Staff will warn the player clearly and publicly in the server chat to notify rule violations. Depending on the severity of the violation the Staff may take following actions towards the player or entire group: Chat Mute Voice Mute Kick Temporary Ban Ban until next wipe (30 days max) From then the situation should in most cases be resolved. If the player or group repeats breaking rules after first stage lasting punishments should be performed within short notice. No Playing Admins We strictly forbid all admins to play due to the simple reason that they have access to many commands that can easily be used for abuse, even unintentionally. Admins role on our server is to support the players and community by enforcing server rules as well as investigating any server issues. Chat Moderators do not have any invasive commands, they can only mute etc. Regular Moderators are not allowed to play, even though they have a very limited set of admin commands - yet invasive enough to be forbidden from playing. Admins can never play, has access to all invasive commands. What to do if you suspect abuse We have a tight control of our administration and have zero tolerance to abuse. If you suspect any abuse you should immediately PRIVATELY CONTACT the Server Owner @FakeNinja first. If you've made it down here, all respect to you. We do not write these rules just to put some text on the wall to point towards. We really care about what we're doing, and if you do the same it will be even nicer for us all. Enjoy your stay with us! And please let me know if you have any concerns or questions about the rules above. Best regards, FakeNinja Administrator & Server Owner
  4. Welcome fighter.3 nice to have you here! Rust is a great place to practice your ability to not give up. Get back up and get revenge 🙂
  5. Hey, The idea with the "Members Introduction" category is to let everyone to break the ice, get to know eachother a bit. It doesn't have to be very personal. Just type something about you, your interest or what makes your gears grind. It doesn't have to be very long. Just a couple of sentences. Tell us how you got your in-game nick. Boring stories are allowed I dare you to go out there and break the ice, write it until you feel like...
  6. You wanted a vote for this, so here it is!
  7. FakeNinja

    Should you be able to wall in quarries?

    Deleted 2 fake accounts who voted No (from same IP adress), they now show up as Guest in vote list but their vote is not counted. User who did it has been temporary banned from the site.
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    Rust Vanilla 2X+ Full Wipe

    We follow the official forced wipe schedule. The forced wipe is for all servers by Facepunch Team due to the monthly Rust client & server update. We don't know the exact time for the wipe as it is depending on when the FP Devs are done, it can be anything from early morning to almost midnight. What is wiped? Everything! Map wipe Blueprint wipe New map seed
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    Server Rules & Moderation Policy

    Updated rules 2019-01-03
  10. FakeNinja

    Rust Vanilla 2X+ Full Wipe

    We follow the official forced wipe schedule. The forced wipe is for all servers by Facepunch Team due to the monthly Rust client & server update. We don't know the exact time for the wipe as it is depending on when the FP Devs are done, it can be anything from early morning to almost midnight. What is wiped? Everything! Map wipe Blueprint wipe New map seed
  11. Hey guys! Preceding the december forced wipe I've focused heavily on improving the server core features as well as heavily tuning the server for maximum performance. Now that we have landed a great and reliable host things can only get better. General Changes & Fixes Map Size lowered from 3500 to 3200 Max Population stays at 200 but may be adjusted lower later Muted players can no longer bypass mute through PM Voice Mute was not available on timer, it now is Improved live moderation systems and logging Performance issue with server saves fixed Backend network performance issue fixed Removed killfeed mod NEW! UPDATED DONATORS MEMBERSHIP PLANS! Member (30 days) 5.00 EUR 6.00 EUR Member Plus (30 days) 7.00 EUR 8.00 EUR Added Skinbox for new Member tier (Member Plus) Added Quick Upgrade for new Member tier (Member Plus) Added Priority Player for new Member tier (Member Plus) Added support for colored names for new Member tier (Member Plus) NEW! Ticketing system One of our main objectives is to have great and quick support from the Staff team. This will greatly optimized by an automatic ticket system that reports into our Staff discord immediately. Please do use it for reports of any kind! That's about all of the highlights for this update, See you in-game!
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    Trapped inside base

    Changed Status to Closed No feedback from player
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    Trapped inside base

    Can you please contact me on Discord or register on the site so we can PM.. Need your base information obviously
  14. FakeNinja

    Trapped inside base

    Changed Status to Under investigation Changed Staff action to None yet
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    Hello MrGlad! Welcome to our community and our Rust server. I'm sure you will enjoy it here, if there is anything that doesn't work out for you feel free to reach out! We take care of our people here :) Enjoy your stay!
  16. FakeNinja

    Hotel Brothers

    Woah! Love the place you found this time. Awesome design as always :D Hope its not so much trouble with your guests this wipe like the last one hehe
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    Server Rules & Moderation Policy

    Updated rules 2018-11-01
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    Rust: 2x Vanilla Server Wipe

    We follow the official forced wipe schedule. The forced wipe is for all servers by Facepunch Team due to the monthly Rust client & server update. We don't know the exact time for the wipe as it is depending on when the FP Devs are done, it can be anything from early morning to almost midnight. What is wiped? Everything! Map wipe Blueprint wipe New map seed
  19. Join our Staff team! We're now looking for Moderators for Rust! It's about time for us to consider opening up for another member in the Staff team. Me and @arichi have barely been able to keep up the past wipes. There's been a lot to do, as well as griefing to take care of. This wipe is the first time we've needed to go as far as to IP ban 2 players permanently. Good work I'd say, but I'm sure we've missed some things, and that is not how we want it. How am I as a player affected by this? We make sure our servers are staffed so that rules are enforced and the well being on our Rust servers are kept high quality. If anything, this should increase the good experience for the players on our servers. Do staff members get compensated/paid? No, not yet at least. A moderator position is purely voluntary, you do not get any compensation as of now. Later down the road we may start with some compensation if you do a really good job. This is also highly depending on how much support the servers get by donations. Servers have expensive bills and covering them is the main priority. How onboarding of a new Moderator is done We care a lot about quality and we will make sure any new staff members will understand our standard. We've outlinted a process that will allow for the responsibility to be given at a managed rate. Week 0: You get selected by us to start a trial position. Week 1-2: You work as a Trial Chat Moderator Week 3: You get promoted to Chat Moderator / Or you can get rejected. You may stay as Chat Moderator for as long as you want. Week 4: You can start as Trial Moderator Week 6: You get promoted to Moderator / Or need to stay longer on trial until experienced enough General Requirements Good communication skills, written or spoken Got lots of time to spare to go into Rust Mature and capable of taking responsibilities seriously Able to take criticism and feedback from the rest of the team Preferably experienced with Moderator duties from before Apply for Moderator Have any questions? Feel free to reply, PM/DM me here on the site or Discord.
  20. Welcome to our community Razz! That's quite a respectable age to be out raiding :D See you around
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    Rust: 2x Vanilla Server Wipe

    We follow the official forced wipe schedule. The forced wipe is for all servers by Facepunch Team due to the monthly Rust client & server update. We don't know the exact time for the wipe as it is depending on when the FP Devs are done, it can be anything from early morning to almost midnight. What is wiped? Everything! Map wipe Blueprint wipe New map seed
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    lagg on rust server

    Hello Bjarke, We're investigating this and will hopefully find the cause for this or if it was just temporary.
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    Hi there Foxxiiee! Welcome to our community & Rust server. I hope you will enjoy your stay :)
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    Hotel Brothers

    Of course the hard working Hotel directors need vacation from time to time don't they? 🙂 I heard you were going to play the new World of Warcraft expansion. Have all the luck for your raids in there 😄 Welcome back anytime!
  25. Hey everyone, Once in a while we want to give the community something back. Today is the time for one of those times! While we still of course need continuous support from donations to keep things running... Sometimes we think of those you who really want to have Member Benefits but for any reason couldn't get it, didn't feel like donating or just plainly haven't thought about it so much. In exchange for showing yourself in our forums and writing something about yourself and share some of your thoughts.. Here is a chance for you who want to try the luck and get Member Benefits for free! HOW TO ENTER Raffle entry is possible from 2018-08-08 to 2018-08-19 Winner will be picked on the 19th of August before 23:59 FAQ: If i already have Member Benefits, can I enter? Yes! If you win, you will get a free extended period of 30 days. Requirements to enter You are a registered member of our community Post an introduction of yourself in Member Introduction forum. Post at least 2 new topics in the forums. Post at least 2 replies to any current topics. Low effort posts & spam does not count and will be deleted! If you do not fulfill these requirements but still enter the raffle you will not be able to claim your prize. When you have done all those four steps, go into the Raffle here and click Enter Raffle. How the winner is selected The winner is selected by complete RNG (random number generation), it is pure luck! Remember to fulfill the requirements to be able to claim the prize upon winning. Good luck!