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  1. Relax by the pool and let your loot worries drift away with our new Summer themed DLCRead the full article
  2. The modular vehicles are here along with changes to how you obtain air transport and other optimizations and improvements!Read the full article
  3. Rust+, upcoming vehicles, gun tutorials, & more!Read the full article
  4. Rust+, smart devices, and a ton of new building blocks!Read the full article
  5. Rust weddings, gear heads, movies, & more!Read the full article
  6. Vehicles Beta Branch Now LiveRead the full article
  7. This update brings Night Vision Goggles, Electric Heaters, Farming 2.0 additions and balances as well as other improvements and fixes.Read the full article
  8. Trust in Rust COVID Charity Tournament, wholesome content creators, & AT-AT Walkers?Read the full article
  9. The Easter Egg hunt event has been enabled!Read the full article
  10. This update brings a whole revamp to the farming system along with new items to help you keep your crops in perfect condition as well as other improvements and fixes.Read the full article
  11. This update brings CCTV Cameras and Computer Stations for all your surveillance needs as well as various optimizations and improvements.Read the full article
  12. Hazzy artwork, solo plays, and vending machines with attitudes.Read the full article
  13. Place any gun in your turret to defend your base, A new ring road around the island to lead you to your favourite monument, Steam Rich Presence on your friends list and life stats added to the death screen as well as various other optimizations and improvements.Read the full article
  14. Dioramas, databases, and ...The End?Read the full article
  15. To celebrate the start of the Lunar New Year (not that we like moonlight in Rust), we made some stuff!Read the full article
  16. The most wonderful time of the year!Read the full article
  17. This month we introduce the Rust Instruments DLC as well as the usual optimizations and improvements and yes, you do have legs!Read the full article
  18. Big announcements this month! Console play, Instrument DLC, Charitable Rust, and submarines?Read the full article
  19. Introducing our musical instrument DLCRead the full article
  20. Halloween is over, trees are fixed and more optimizations, fixes and improvements.Read the full article
  21. Charitable Rust, Halloweenies, Electrical Masterminds, and more!Read the full article
  22. We've added horse equipment, Crafting, Inventory, Map and Death screen improvements and various other fixes, balances and improvements ...Read the full article
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