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  1. Alright im gonna cook that for you ? hue hue
  2. arichi


    Oh, more like " come on " and such, i got cockatiels, they aint known for speaking, but for being very very kind calm and cute, i do have some bigger once that can be around 100years old, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ara_(genus) those are differnt but nice parrots ?
  3. That's alright, what are your favorite foods? XD haha i might stop the questions now.
  4. Are you single? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Do you ever consider moving to Denmark? :I ?
  5. Name is Simon, 28 years old, from Denmark moderator here. I love my parrots and my wife, ive been a gamer my whole life, my passion goes to make people's day better, irl and ingame. Daily i do HF thats a study you can take in Denmark, takes 2 years. I do it from home too, so i got no time wasting on transport etc so that's great. - Cheers
  6. yea i could probably help with that haha ?
  7. Do you make a moderator room? if so, what would it cost? - since it me, it should be free. but i can pay with songs aswell new songs everyday!
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