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  1. Sea Blue Hotel 6.0 now live! ?
  2. Haha thanks! Last wipe went to history, so much blood and booms ^^ This time we really found a nice place and its "so far" very peacefully.
  3. Sea Blue Hotel 5.0 now live! ?
  4. Presidential suite 150 scraps/24h
  5. Deluxe Room 100 scraps/24h
  6. Standard Room 50 scraps/24h
  7. Sea Blue Hotel 4.0 now live! ?
  8. Yeah we do! :D we're on a break from the game right now but we will be back up with Hotel 4.0 as soon as possible :)
  9. Me and Digital is going inactive for a while, so we wont build new Hotels. We'll let you know when we're back up again. Thanks for a great and a very busy time at the hotel and thanks Vulture and Snodizen for being such loyal hotel guests ? see ya! (I might jump in for time to time just for fun n too sai hey) ?
  10. Running the Sea Blue Hotel with my brother. I'm 28, live in Sweden, i love my girlfriend and my cat. I've played Rust for some years now moslty low-pop, i find this server and this is where i stay. Besides playing Rust i play World of Warcraft so i might be "gone for some time" now when new expansion comes out the 14th.
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