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    Here our Rust Staff will transparently and efficiently handle all kinds of reports regarding the operations and enforcement of server rules.

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  • Trapped inside base

    • Player Name: Sheriff

    Please describe your report with as many details and as clearly as possible. The better the report, the faster our staff can take action.
    NOTE: If your report is concerning a cheat report, attach a screenshot of your combatlog! You get it by pressing F1 in-game and typing combatlog into the console window.
    We will always ask for the combatlogs and no investigation will be done without it.

    You may remove this text upon submitting your report.

    I got raided, and after that he left locked metal door so I couldnt get out 

    Rule Violations: §2.5 - Not using the raided base & left it unusable for the owner
    Your in-game name / Discord Name / Steam Profile link: ♛ Ebeli ♛
    Status: Closed
    Staff action: None yet

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    Can you please contact me on Discord or register on the site so we can PM..

    Need your base information obviously

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