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    • So that wraps it up, our first little community contest. We got a few, but really competitive submissions.
      Now the winners have been picked!

      1st place - Milouch "loling in rust, oh no get raided *cry*"




      Be sure to stay tuned on next forced wipe, there will be another contest! Who knows, maybe it could give you a strong head start in the wipe?

    • Here's the full summary of updates we've introduced to our community & servers during the summer of 2019!

      Discord Rewards went live, and you love them! [2019-07-31]
      In order to stimulate community engagement we've given players an incentive to join our Discord.
      The reward can be claimed upon following the instructions after entering the command below in chat.

      Players who link their account receive some RP and a mystery item as well as being granted the @Rust | 2X Vanilla+ role in Discord!

      Making space for the new Giant Excavator pit [2019-08-01]

      • Map size increased from 3500 to 4050
        Facepunch changed the way the procedural maps generated which made maps smaller than 3500 in size lose monuments. We looked at some seeds for 3500 and even that looked really tight with little space to build on, so we bumped up the size quite a bit to allow for the best experience.

      Tweaks! [2019-08-01]

      • Tool Cupboard stacks 2X again
      • Caves are no longer excluded from griefing rules

      Voting Rewards went live, and we're smashing it! [2019-08-05]
      We all know our server is the one and only at making monthly wipes great. So now we want other's to know as well! We've listed the server on voting sites and allowed the community to vote for rewards.

      Players who vote receive some RP and a gift.
      It's super simple to vote, you can do it here.


      Results (1 week of votes)
      After about a week of you guys voting, we're already smashing it!

      Our server is #1 (Page 1) on TrackyServer.com with 122 votes.


      Our server is #46 (Page 2) on Rust-Servers with 151 votes.

      Thank you all for the votes! Let's keep this up and we'll have a smashing wipe in September as well!

       Updates to the new NoobProtection system [2019-08-15]
      A few days into the august forced wipe we introduced a new system we call NoobProtection. This is a system that will allow players who join the first time on the wipe to be protected from only PVP (that means not PVE, animals will still hurt them) for 2 hours. During that time the protected player may not damage, loot or kill any other player - likewise they can't be hurt by other players.

      The idea behind this is that new players will be able to get a peaceful start and make a small base before getting wiped off the server potentially hurting the overall population.

      Note: The protection is fully optional and for those who think they're fine without can simply opt out immediately by using the command

      /np end

      We noticed some new players started using it a bit differently than it was meant to, so I've further developed the system to restrict a protected player from abusing it.


      • NoobProtection players can no longer loot recycler.
        We've had instances of protected players stealing items from other recycling players.
        This is why we can't have nice things and its why it will now be blocked.
      • NoobProtection players can not equip and use high tier weapons 
        Basically only bows and spears are allowed, however they may still store weapons in their inventory.
      • Penalty for damaging other players while being protected has been increased to 30 minutes.
        This means any protected player will lose their protection almost instantly when trying to hurt other players.

      • NoobProtection players will now have an orange text above their head saying "NoobProtection"
        So that you no longer need to waste your ammo on supposedly hostile nakeds.


      That's all for this time, there is more to come really soon!

    • Hello community,

      It's been a while since I've posted an update here, been a busy month! However now it's time to let you guys in on where we are and what's going on with our server and community. Steadily we're building a larger Staff team, and it should soon show result.


      New Staff members on trial!



      Welcome Default who will be joining us from today starting as a trial moderator. He has an extensive background with running servers, communites as well as developing plugins. I'm sure he will be a great fit to our team and contribute with his experience.



      Welcome XioNaYa* who will be joining us from today starting as a trial chat moderator. He's been a long time loyal player for several wipes and know very well how we run things and has shown interest to help out with keeping the chat moderated.

      Server crashing

      Due to the somewhat instable update it seems that some servers experience sudden crashing.
      This happened to us today 2019-02-12 around 11:04 CET. It led to a restart with a slight rollback. Affected players have been refunded and taken care of.

      The Facepunch team has now also released fixes for this as can be seen in these tweets.

      Happening since January wipe

      • Map Size back to 3500 from 3200 due to popular demand
      • Max Population stays at 200
      • @Samsie & @The Locksmith resigned from Chat Moderation.
      • @arichi formally resigns from Rust Moderation and will be a backup Discord moderator (Global Moderator), since he is no longer actively playing Rust.

        Big thanks to all of them for their great effort in helping out.

      • We let the community vote:And have revised our rules, it is now more vanilla - you can wall in quarries as much as you like to.
        However, monuments will still be disallowed (for obvious reasons).
      • Discord Rust category now features an extensive Frequently Asked Questions channel to keep new and illiterate, uh needing players of our community

      That's all for this months update!
      See you in-game
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    • Hey guys!

      Preceding the december forced wipe I've focused heavily on improving the server core features as well as heavily tuning the server for maximum performance. Now that we have landed a great and reliable host things can only get better.

      General Changes & Fixes

      • Map Size lowered from 3500 to 3200
      • Max Population stays at 200 but may be adjusted lower later
      • Muted players can no longer bypass mute through PM
      • Voice Mute was not available on timer, it now is
      • Improved live moderation systems and logging
      • Performance issue with server saves fixed
      • Backend network performance issue fixed
      • Removed killfeed mod





      • Added Skinbox for new Member tier (Member Plus)
      • Added Quick Upgrade for new Member tier (Member Plus)
      • Added Priority Player for new Member tier (Member Plus)
      • Added support for colored names for new Member tier (Member Plus)


      NEW! Ticketing system

      One of our main objectives is to have great and quick support from the Staff team.
      This will greatly optimized by an automatic ticket system that reports into our Staff discord immediately. 
      Please do use it for reports of any kind!




      That's about all of the highlights for this update,

      See you in-game!

    • Join our Staff team!
      We're now looking for Moderators for Rust!

      It's about time for us to consider opening up for another member in the Staff team. Me and @arichi have barely been able to keep up the past wipes. There's been a lot to do, as well as griefing to take care of. This wipe is the first time we've needed to go as far as to IP ban 2 players permanently. Good work I'd say, but I'm sure we've missed some things, and that is not how we want it.


      How am I as a player affected by this?

      We make sure our servers are staffed so that rules are enforced and the well being on our Rust servers are kept high quality. If anything, this should increase the good experience for the players on our servers.

      Do staff members get compensated/paid?

      No, not yet at least. A moderator position is purely voluntary, you do not get any compensation as of now.
      Later down the road we may start with some compensation if you do a really good job. 

      This is also highly depending on how much support the servers get by donations. Servers have expensive bills and covering them is the main priority.

      How onboarding of a new Moderator is done

      We care a lot about quality and we will make sure any new staff members will understand our standard. We've outlinted a process that will allow for the responsibility to be given at a managed rate.

      Week 0: You get selected by us to start a trial position.
      Week 1-2: You work as a Trial Chat Moderator
      Week 3: You get promoted to Chat Moderator / Or you can get rejected.

      You may stay as Chat Moderator for as long as you want.

      Week 4: You can start as Trial Moderator
      Week 6: You get promoted to Moderator / Or need to stay longer on trial until experienced enough

      General Requirements

      • Good communication skills, written or spoken
      • Got lots of time to spare to go into Rust
      • Mature and capable of taking responsibilities seriously
      • Able to take criticism and feedback from the rest of the team
      • Preferably experienced with Moderator duties from before

      Apply for Moderator


      Have any questions? Feel free to reply, PM/DM me here on the site or Discord.


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